Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver, 7″ Motorized Display Review

The AVH-X4700BS DVD Double DIN receiver from Pioneer is a user friendly stereo receiver, and also sports an aesthetic look. This is a multimedia, DVD, and CD receiver and features a 7” screen that comes with an LCD display. The screen has a good resolution at 800 x 480 pixels.

Many modern double DIN systems have all the advanced features, but do not host a CD player. However, the Pioneer AVH-X4700BS features a CD player too, so that car owners can enjoy music or memories stored in their CDs, without having to transfer their data into any other compatible device. It plays DVDs, which makes it a great choice for a family car. It seamlessly plays videos and movies which keep families entertained during short as well as long drives.

There is no slot for inserting the disc through the front. There is a button on the control panel that when pressed, will open the entire display. CDs and DVDs can be placed in the slot behind. This design also saves space and makes the equipment compact.

The double DIN unit is obviously Bluetooth enabled. It is easy to connect to any device. While connected to the phone, the system allows the users to make calls with handsfree calling. They can also access their contacts and other records, directly from on the receiver. On the back, the unit has ports for a USB, camera, audio-video input, navigation system, and so on. The Bluetooth also gives the user direct control over their smartphones. First, the compatible Pioneer app should to be downloaded into the phone. Then, it lets the user access all their phone’s apps directly.

People can access navigation, local weather, and even information about local events. In terms of music, apart from DVDs and CDs, the system can play MP3, mp4, WMAs and DivX formats. It also enables the user to go through their music library and stream music their choice of music to the receiver. A USB extension is included in the pack, which can be connected to a device like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or others, and then the music can be streamed. It is also compatible with Pandora and Mixtrax. Then, there are the radio settings. Users can choose their own color themes and backgrounds. They can also customize their EQ and also adjust the settings for sub-woofers. Of course, like any other radio, the radio can be auto-tuned and favorite stations can be pre-set.

The Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver is a well-designed double DIN unit. The touchscreen works pretty well. It is sensitive and all the controls are conveniently placed in the front. It has all the features which can be expected of an advanced stereo unit. It is compatible with iPod, iPhones and Android devices, which adds to its appeal. It also has many built-in slots for camera, video output and so on, which makes it flexible and therefore, more useful, since it will remain relevant even with the evolving needs of the user. The system is really easy to use, built to last, and will perform.

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